Data Deposit User Guide [DRAFT]

About Data Deposit

Agencies and organizations that manage data archives may receive data and metadata from multiple sources. It is important to organize these data deposits to:

  • Ensure that all necessary data and metadata are provided
  • Minimize the costs of receiving and documenting the datasets for publication
  • Maintain information on what is deposited, by whom, and when
  • Provide the person or agency who deposits the data with the opportunity to inform the data archive about access restrictions
  • Provide the depositor with a “receipt” indicating what has been deposited

The Data Deposit tool is DDI-compliant, open-source software which can be used as part of the NADA package or as a stand-alone tool. It will be useful to agencies that want to implement a simple, user-friendly, yet powerful and secure on-line system for acquiring datasets.

Data Deposit Frontend

This is the part of the application that is used by the depositors to deposit metadata and/or data.


A data deposit project is composed of:

  • Project information
  • Detailed project description based on the DDI fields. The form includes over 50+ fields. However, there are only 3 require fields that the user must fill, rest are optional
  • File uploads - for uploading data files, questionnaires, reports and any other documentation
  • Citations
  • Data classification

Once a project is submitted, it is locked for any further changes. The system emails receipt of the data deposit to the depositor and the site administrators recieve notification of a new deposit.

Data Deposit Site Admin (backend)

Data Deposit includes a backend for managing projects submitted by users. To access the backend, go to Site adminstration > Data Deposit or navigate to the URL admin/datadeposit.


The data deposit admin provides the following features:

  • Assign a project to another admin for processing
  • Process/review submitted projects
  • Export the project to DDI/XML
  • Contact depositor for questions or additional information