Manage Studies

There are 2 Options to get studies into the new catalog:

Option 1:

  • The first is to upload a DDI and all its resources to the collection in the same way as described in the earlier section – Uploading a Study. Except instead of choosing Central Catalog chose the collection you want to upload the study to.
  • Click on the Add Study button and upload a DDI and RDF and all your resources as described in the earlier section – Uploading a Study
  • Once a study is added in this way it displays in the Manage Studies list. Notice that the collection summary field shows that the study belongs to (is Owned By) the DHS collection (this was the Short name defined in the example when the Health Surveys Collection was created).
  • Also, note that the new study also appears in the Central Data Catalog

All studies uploaded to collections will automatically be added to the Central Data Catalog in order to build a common search portal for all studies.


Copying studies from one collection to another

  • The second way to add a study to a collection is to Copy the study from another collection into the new collection.
  • To copy a study already in the catalog to display in the new collection first make sure to be in the Manage Studies section for the collection you want to put studies into. To do this either use the Studies – Manage studies menu on the top or simply click on the Switch link next to the Manage Studies [Collection Title] heading.
  • Then Click on the Copy Studies blue button at the top right.
  • A list of all studies available to copy to the new collection is listed. Simply click on the Link button in green to copy the study to the collection. The button will turn red and say Unlink. To reverse the process and click the now red button.
  • Going back to the Manage Studies page for the collection will show the newly copied studies in the collection list. Also note that the Collection field now indicated DHS next to Central. DHS is in grey to indicate it is not owned (it is a copy) by that collection and the Central is in blue to show it is owned by the Central Data Catalog. Also note that because the study is not owned by this catalog it cannot be edited from this catalog – hence the publishunpublish green button is absent for the copied studies