Manage Site Pages and MenusΒΆ

The NADA has a small content management component that allows for the creation of menu pages to appear on the user interface.

  • Examples of menus that might be useful for users of the site might be: A page dealing with the dissemination policies of the organization or perhaps a page with contact information for the information.

New menu items and pages can be created via the Menu- All pages menu link at the top of the Site Administration page.

  • Select All pages from the menu.
  • To add a new page click on the Add New Page button
  • Give the page a Title in the Title field
  • Clicking in the URL field will automatically suggest a name for the page in the URL
  • Enter the contents for the page in the Body section. Plain text or HTML is accespted by this field.
  • Then indicate if the page should be published or not in the Publish dropdown
  • The Weight field tells the NADA in what order this menu item should display. E.g. 0 would be first, 1 second and 2 third.
  • Click on Update to save the changes.
  • View the changes from the user interface: In this Example a Contact Us page was created.
  • It is also possible from the Menu Management screen to add a menu link that links to an existing page on another site (rather than creating a page itself).
  • To change the order in which the menu items display on the user interface, use the Reorder Menu button on the Menu Management screen.